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Character is the destiny of each individual
Culture is the destiny of each organization




On the working life, I never stop learning, learn positive aspects from others and also see bad aspects from others to avoid.

Cooperated with a courier partner for a period, experienced an extremely disappointed feeling of their service which startled and raised some questions about our service.

– How customers satisfy with our service?

– Besides, how much satisfaction that the customers get from our professional knowledge and other factors such as supportive material system, interaction, convenience, transparency, the credit of our words and announcements?

– And the same questions for other factors of our business.


How can we make the clients feel “ELATED” in using our products or services?

I think, in the present era of the fierce competed market, entrepreneurs are not only merely competing in prices, products’ quality, speed, and more of the same, but also by customer service. It means to give customers an experience of not only satisfaction but also having a great feeling to make them remember the brand name and also tell other about it. Thanks to making effort on this factor, Tony Hshieh has built Zappos become a global brand name which respected by entrepreneurs all over the world. That factor manifested in their core value number 1 which grasped by all the employees.

“Bring AMAZINGNESS to customers through customer service. It means giving customers a happy feeling with a great experience through customer service (sometimes exceeding their expectation, create an emotional connection, not relate to any programs of promotion or price deduction).

Don’t need to see out to the world, in our country, I see many good products with low price but low sale revenue. On the other hand, many other good or medium quality products can sell at high prices for the high-class consumer segment. Why? There are also contributed by Marketing, PR, and so forth. Nevertheless, I believe that the main reason of why those businesses can sell those products with high price is they run their customer service better than others, consequently, customers willing to pay money to be whole-hearted served (to get ELATED). Beside of serving well they also highly appreciated customers’ complaint which they never regard as a disturbance but, conversely, as the gifts helping them recognize their troubles for resolving and improving in order to serve the customers better “Complaint Is A Gift“.

Together with the negative experience and thought of others’ service, and the impressive lesson from successful man mentioned above, in the next period of time, we need to carefully consider our direction. We may become a tortoise who moves slowly but firmly, never accept becoming a rabbit who moves quickly but carelessly as in the story of Tortoise and Rabbit. We have to clearly identify our vision and core values to making our lodestar for business’ activities. Certainly our core values system may change with the time, however, the value that makes customers feel “ELATED” undoubtedly always be the foremost one that we have to maintain and improve.

This post written with a desire of making people who care and support us or our customers can understand our thought, our desire. It is “WE ARE TRYING EVERYDAY TO IMPROVE OUR SERVICE AND PRODUCTS BETTER DAY BY DAY”.

For me, this post also is a proclamation for myself, since I realize that I usually do better what I note down or tell others than just let it stays in my mind.

Accompany with this post is my wish to receive suggestions, contributed ideas, and even claims of all of you by comment below.

We thank and highly appreciate your support!

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