The first nearly death

Every child, normally has to experience some situations which are dangerous for their lives in their growing progress. The earlier of generations, the more dangerous situations children experience for. This is the consequence of poor in economy, healthcare, medication, and parental cognition, all of which are better day after day. By those kind of situations, some died and many others luckily overcame. I am not an exception, and the first fatal situation in my life also be the first living memory after being born. The time when I was a newborn.

It was in 1979 when the national economy was very bad and the country relied much on help from other countries. Almost of labour families living in cities like us did not have enough food, especially rice to eat. Meals were often very simple which contained only vegetable and another main food which normally mixed of rice and other cheaper foods such as potatoes, corns, jicamas, beans, and some other same kinds of food. Beside of national food, there were some kinds of food which given by other countries. That time as some people said, there were families which still had to ate “bo bo” seeds, which given by other countries and had been more popular in labor class families’ meals in some years before. These seeds were the most terrible food, as people’s words, which sometimes could not be digested and still were the same after shitting out. Among the aided foods, wheat emerged in the top with the biggest amount. Although aided food helped many Vietnamese especially working class people to release from hunger, they also sometimes caused troubles for them. They were not only unfamiliar with those food, but also the quality of them were not good when handing to them. People said that, many kinds of food that day had been moist, mouldy, and discoloured when handing to them. Citizens could not know those condition had being when handing from the foreigners or caused by bad storage before distributing to the citizens.

That was in some months after being born, when I just be able to eat soup made by powder and of course still have breastfeeding. The same with all other working families, we had to eat low quality wheat for meals. As my mom said, this caused bad quality of her own milk and also my extra food, all of which I ate for everyday meals. Unfortunately, this situation triggered a fatal disease – diarrhea to me. After some days suffering from diarrhea, it turned to more severe disease – dysentery. By the worse situation, my parent sent me to Dong Da hospital – more than 3 kilometers from our house – for treatment. My mom told that since the bad case I was in, at first I was sent to the special treatment department for special care. One night, when I was staying in there and my mom was staying in other place, my mom felt quite nervous and not comfortable inside, so she went to my room to see me. When coming into the room, there were nobody inside including doctors and nurses. Coming to me, when I was getting water to the vein, she noticed my body was very cold. Terribly, she ran out to find doctors and nurses to inform them about that. When the doctors and nurses came, they stopped injecting water into my body and carried out some other special treatments to help me recover. As my mom said, that time they had gone out for eating, and they had not thought any trouble will happen. If my mom did not come to see me, I did not have opportunities to live more since the rapid decrease of my body temperature.

This is the first nearly-death experience in my life that sometimes my mom talks about. After this experience, I grew up well as a healthy and active boy, and got more experiences including negative and positive.

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