A sample of doing business by keeping reputation



In our society, there is a concept has existed for a long time since the era of the System of budget subsidies till now, which is “Noodle for Truthful and Rice for Deceitful – Thật thà ăn cháo láo nháo ăn cơm”. It encourages people should not live truthfully.

As this concept, Vietnam, especially Northern, has been named “a cheating region“. Everyone does everything for money regardless people’s health and lives. It makes the society has become chaotic.

However, this situation has been changing gradually. Vietnam government has changed the economy into the market mechanism. Therefore, consumers gradually take control of the market. For a long time being cheated, consumers will filter and eliminate bad suppliers and manufacturers. That is the reason why we see Vineco products or Vinamilk and many of the same have firmly position in the market.

The same with Vineco who desires to provide the citizens good and safe food, many people and companies trying to supply to the market those kinds of products.

Recently, I visited a pig farm located about 30 kilometers from Hanoi center. The farm has been operating 10 years in an area of 4 hectares. Applying technologies learned from Dutch, Thai, Japanese and Germans, the farm uses a modern closed process. Pigs are born, grow up and process here in an environmentally friendly procedure. Products contain porks and many other processed pig items which are totally safe for consumers’ health as the farm’s proclamation.


Why they state that? They do not announce the answers but invite consumers to visit the farm to witness how their pigs are different from other farms. Before going into the farm, we need to pass a sterilizing system which required for everyone include farmers. This for ensuring cleanness for the pigs in the farm. After that, I witnessed a spacious and really clean farm that I have never seen.


The breeding area where required a strict sterilize bath before going into.


Piglets are grown by special food produced by an American firm.



The farm makes food for their pigs by themselves which is almost completely organic. Almost components of the food are made of cooked corn which eatable for people and a small portion of fish. As the director’s statement, pigs here are grown in an almost vegetarian diet.


There are some ponds located around the pig houses which help to balance the air for the region.



Pigs live in a spacious place with such a good ventilation system which farmers prefer to stay in there on hot days.


The slaughter area is very clean and applied a modern technology.



Processed products are vacuum packaged to serve consumers


Inviting visitors to try cooked products


After witnessing the pig growing system, visitors are invited a meal with dishes made from the farm’s products.


Success with the production model of producing clean organic pork products, the farm has praised and shared on many news.








As stated in the name of the farm “Hoàng Long farm A – Z”, the farm is setting a system of shops which located in markets in Hanoi. It sells directly to customers to remove price margin of intermediate agents.


Successfully with the organic pig farm, the board of director aiming for more organic products such as vegetables and chickens in the future. I think if they can keep good morals in their long-term business, and the willing of learning to apply modern technologies as they did, they can succeed in other fields like this.


I wrote this post with a desire of encouraging farmers who grow vegetables or animals for food which are safe for people’s health. All the farmers should stop using chemicals affecting consumers’ health. It is not only harm for consumers but I am sure it harm the farmers also.