Think about business and marketing

Character is the destiny of each individual
Culture is the destiny of each organization




On the working life, I never stop learning, learn positive aspects from others and also see bad aspects from others to avoid.

Cooperated with a courier partner for a period, experienced an extremely disappointed feeling of their service which startled and raised some questions about our service.

– How customers satisfy with our service?

– Besides, how much satisfaction that the customers get from our professional knowledge and other factors such as supportive material system, interaction, convenience, transparency, the credit of our words and announcements?

– And the same questions for other factors of our business.


How can we make the clients feel “ELATED” in using our products or services?

I think, in the present era of the fierce competed market, entrepreneurs are not only merely competing in prices, products’ quality, speed, and more of the same, but also by customer service. It means to give customers an experience of not only satisfaction but also having a great feeling to make them remember the brand name and also tell other about it. Thanks to making effort on this factor, Tony Hshieh has built Zappos become a global brand name which respected by entrepreneurs all over the world. That factor manifested in their core value number 1 which grasped by all the employees.

“Bring AMAZINGNESS to customers through customer service. It means giving customers a happy feeling with a great experience through customer service (sometimes exceeding their expectation, create an emotional connection, not relate to any programs of promotion or price deduction).

Don’t need to see out to the world, in our country, I see many good products with low price but low sale revenue. On the other hand, many other good or medium quality products can sell at high prices for the high-class consumer segment. Why? There are also contributed by Marketing, PR, and so forth. Nevertheless, I believe that the main reason of why those businesses can sell those products with high price is they run their customer service better than others, consequently, customers willing to pay money to be whole-hearted served (to get ELATED). Beside of serving well they also highly appreciated customers’ complaint which they never regard as a disturbance but, conversely, as the gifts helping them recognize their troubles for resolving and improving in order to serve the customers better “Complaint Is A Gift“.

Together with the negative experience and thought of others’ service, and the impressive lesson from successful man mentioned above, in the next period of time, we need to carefully consider our direction. We may become a tortoise who moves slowly but firmly, never accept becoming a rabbit who moves quickly but carelessly as in the story of Tortoise and Rabbit. We have to clearly identify our vision and core values to making our lodestar for business’ activities. Certainly our core values system may change with the time, however, the value that makes customers feel “ELATED” undoubtedly always be the foremost one that we have to maintain and improve.

This post written with a desire of making people who care and support us or our customers can understand our thought, our desire. It is “WE ARE TRYING EVERYDAY TO IMPROVE OUR SERVICE AND PRODUCTS BETTER DAY BY DAY”.

For me, this post also is a proclamation for myself, since I realize that I usually do better what I note down or tell others than just let it stays in my mind.

Accompany with this post is my wish to receive suggestions, contributed ideas, and even claims of all of you by comment below.

We thank and highly appreciate your support!

My view about courses of personal financial development and  skills improvements


Because of participation in some courses about how to improve skills, knowledge, and so on, together with discussing with students in the courses, I have learned somethings besides of the knowledge taught in the classes. For the reason that one friend recently sent me a course’s content and asked advice that should he take part in the class or not, I would share my practical knowledge and opinion about those learning programs to anyone reading this post.

Should people learn those kinds of courses? My answer is YES, but also NO 🙂 …!



– IT IS NEVER BE USELESS FOR LEARNING. No matter how much knowledge comprehended in the classes, our intelligence is improved. The information given there is what the lecturers had experienced, learned from books or other people. Without question, it will be useful no matter what situations.

– REALLY BENEFICIAL FOR IMMATURED PEOPLE. Besides the knowledge conveyed by lecturers, students also see and recognize tips and tricks of them and also learn from other older and more experienced classmates. Moreover, they can make more friends to exchange knowledge and experience, widen knowledge about the life, and others. I highly recommend young people who just get out of families’ protection and students to hunt and join those free courses (even though normally lecturers don’t target those people for their courses).

– FRIEND MAKING, NETWORKING. Every class has its classmates, most of them have the same interest, desires, knowledge, and want to get better as you. Is this really good to have such a helpful network like this!

– CREATE/GET MOTIVATION. Many lecturers apply NLP and some other skills of raising students’ emotion into the lectures. Therefore, they help students improve motivation, self-belief to set and pursue their objectives.

– RELAXATION, ENTERTAINMENT. In classes, nowadays, speakers often apply many energetic activities for all members doing together. Hence, students will have chances for dancing, raising hands to say “ME” forcefully, shouting, having pictures to up on facebook to show craziness or ego or relationship with some kind of people such as CEO or entrepreneur, and so on. Those activities help students feel relaxed and comfortable or more of the same when staying in the classes as well as show self-esteem with friend community in the virtual life.



– CLASS’ QUALITY MAY NOT AS GOOD AS IN ADVERTISEMENTS. These days, the demand for self-improvement, enrichment of Vietnamese people are very high, every family tries to have a trade, everybody struggles to sell something and more of the same (in my opinion, this demand is good). Grasping this high demand, many people enter into lecturer career. They open classes which have impressed keywords such as MILLIONAIRE, ENRICH, SUCCESS, FREEDOM, I just name a few. They advertise the courses by content with those keywords and also use words with emotional hypnotic manners which ignited rejoicements, exultation for many people. They believe that they have found a good teacher who can teach them to become rich after taking part in the courses and then, they REGISTER. Courses’ advertising contents often proclaim that you will get some things good like this or like that. However, when the courses finished, a speaker asserted 80-20 principle to confirm that not all students can succeed with his theories, they need to do this, do that, etceteras. I think students who learn to develop their personalities and enrichment must be the people who have strived will, desire of improving their business. Either they join the classes or not, surely, in 100 students will have some successful people and many failed ones in the future.

– NEGATIVE EFFECT FROM LECTURERS. In the eyes of many lecturers, only money exists in (maybe since they teach making money), and they may never care about their credit and business ethics. They always set targets for some amount of money for making effort in short and long terms and then struggle to reach them by every means. They also teach their students to do the same. In many courses, lying, over -exaggeration, and even selling low – quality products are common matters. Both lecturers and students only aim to GET MONEY and ignore other matters such as credits, business ethics, etcetera. Someone may not agree with me for this thought, however, with my living experience and reflection, getting money is not the matter of trying to get by any means. In many cases, the more people struggle to get money by every means regardless of other factors of life such as moral, health, and so on, the less money they get. Moreover, they may lose more money than they get in the future. For this matter, I will have a specific post about it later.

– LOOSING SOME AMOUNT OF MONEY VAINLY. Nowadays, many lecturers also are skillful sellers and marketers. In the classes, they also sell some things, introduce products and also take profits from more than one source. Using techniques, tricks, they introduce and sell many things more in the courses including other courses. The words often used are “love the students very much, all are for students’ success, and more of the same. But, essentially, they are striving to get as much money as possible from students. Illustration, in a course I took part in, the teacher consistently urged all the students to register for using a software with charging monthly service instead of a trial using in one month to know if it suitable or profitable then make decisions after that. The teacher said, “REGISTER IT, DON’T CARE OF THE VERY PIGLET” (which is the initial service fee). Yet, the lecturer was trying to get figure nails of many piglets which are the commission of students’ registration.

– THE COURSES MAY BE A TECHNIQUE TO LURE PEOPLE GATHER IN A PLACE FOR INTRODUCING SOMETHING FOR SALE. Many courses have very low tuition fee or even are free, and also have very attractive content in advertisements (those often be only 1 class in duration). However, essentially they just have poor content and mainly used for introducing and selling some things as real estates, software, services, or other courses, I just name a few. Paradoxically that as in my residential area that inhabitants often invited to gather in the community hall to receive gifts and then the organizers will introduce some things for sale. Nevertheless, many people pay money to gather in places for lecturers introduce things for sale. For example, a course which I took part in last year has about 5000 participators since it had an appearance of Robert Kiyosaki, but in fact, people went there just to see A FAIR OF ENRICHMENT COURSES (only introducing and selling courses), and Robert Kiyosaky’s appearance just last about 3 hours at the end of the 2 days course.

– LOSING BIG MONEY AMOUNT REGRET. Some friends told me about courses of a renowned and experienced speaker in real estate field. In the classes, the lecturer uses his own reputation, words, and actions which aim to raise students’ emotion and then SELL. One of my friend who had joined the class before shared with me that the speaker sells very well, he has sold many departments and real estate projects in his classes. She told in classes the teacher sold many disadvantage departments which have low benefit potential and even he can resell for someone who bought them via his channel before and get more commission. For herself, after learning a course of that teacher, she insisted her family members to buy a land in a tourism project without hearing any piece of advice from them. She only understood the trouble when a brother who is an expert in financial field explained to her about cash flow and how to utilize capital. She confided to me that she realized the mistake later and felt lucky that she hadn’t bought the land.

– UNSURE OF RICH BUT FINANCIAL EXHAUSTION. Many students of the classes are owners of shops or super small workshops, or just nurturing business ideas. In those stages, I think, capital is extremely essential. However, by looking for the way to get success, they registered classes which cost dozens of million and even more, then regret it later. I have a friend named Hiệp, joined a free class which set up with the main aim is introducing an enrichment course costing vnđ 70 million for Very Vip price (including some privileges that excluding for other prices). In the excited moment, he registered it and told me that he does not have enough money but will borrow to take part in the class. I also joined this course but with a normal price of vnđ 800 thousand, and in fact that course was also aimed to introduce other advanced training courses. I suppose it will be better to save 70 million for a small startup, especially when the owner has very limited budget.



– Don’t completely believe in courses’ advertisements, ask for information and experience about the courses from senior students.

– If be invited to use, buy extra products or courses in classes, you need to have careful consideration, a trial using, and some of the same,  before making decisions. Speakers always say that only on this special occasion has such a very cheap price or other same words, but don’t worry, that is only the words aimed to push buying action. In addition, they also use techniques to raise emotion to make easy for people taking money out from their wallets such as crazy dance, shout, etcetera, before sale. My experience, we shouldn’t make decisions in the classes even though we really want to do that. We should consider it at home when having more calm, and even ask for advice from family members or knowledgeable people. Remember that, the prices in classes are not cheaper than later, don’t be scared with the words speaker says, they just the way of urging you buy.

– Courses are same as books, you may get much beneficial knowledge but not assure you can apply them well. Thus, do not expect to be rich just only by taking part in the courses (but lose money for them is obvious).



Courses same as books, also contain contents. Their usefulness depends on knowledge, experience, abilities of perception and application of each individual.

If choosing for reading book, you only pay a small amount of book price but read alone. However, you may have to pay a high fee for taking part in a course (normally cost some millions or some dozens of million), but, in return, you study in an environment of active, fun, and friendly which helps you enrich your friend network. The matter of joining the classes or not should depend on your finance, knowledge you already possess, time, other purposes which besides of getting more knowledge, and so on.


I have no aim to comment on any course or lecturer. It just only for sharing my experience and point of view about pro and con for readers’ reference.