Straighten my legs

Everyone loves to have a pair of legs which are long and straight, including women and man. They help their body shapes become tall and beautiful. Many people, however, unluckily have short and curvy legs. Many others, even worse, that have small and even unmovable legs. Naturally, I was born with a curvy pair of legs which shape likes a letter O, as my parents’ words.

When I was born, my legs shape were not straight as other people’s legs. Although my father and brother have long and straight legs, I have a curvy legs. The two legs bent together to form a letter O shape. Naturally, the leg shape does not affect to my health and not make difficulty for my movement. My appearance, however, was abnormal and ugly. The older I was, the leg shape became more curve and caused more to my parents’ worry. Then when I was 2 years old, my mom asked my dad to take me to a hospital to check how they can help me. The doctors there decided to straighten my legs by a method that was quite painful. My legs’ bones have to be broken, as my mother said. Moreover, my legs had to in plaster cast in some months. My parents agreed for the doctors use the method since the older I am the more difficult to straighten my legs as the older the harder the bones will be.

After about two or three months, my legs were freed from plasters. From there I have a pair of legs as other people. Although they are shorter than my dad’s and brother’s and a little bit thin, they are in good condition for my appearance and activities. They helped me to become an active and restless boy later. Thanks to my parents with their right decision that later on I have been able to do comfortably many activities with my legs such as run, climb, jump, kick and more.

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