Doing charity work – A meaningful activity


The last Sunday, our family joined a charity program which giving free meals to poor cancer patients in the K hospital. The event was set up by a group of people who want to contribute to making the community become better.

Not the same with many groups often gather for picnics or eating, this group members contribute money and gather periodically to make meals and then dispense to poor patients in hospitals. Most of them joined with all their family members, even I see one mother of a member joins the group too.

Knowing this group, we think this is a good community we should join. Joining the group may give us some benefits declared below.

  • Firstly, now our financial status is better than before, our income has been enough for a basic life and a little for saving. It should be the time for us to start sharing our income to our parents and the society. Fortunately that our parents can still earn money, so we don’t need to support them much. Therefore, we should share a portion of the income to the poor.
  • Secondly, we should have more family activities outside which will help us go out of the house and reinforce family sentiment by spending time to do things together.
  • Thirdly, it is really good for us and especially our daughter to interact and widen relationship with new people including friends in same ages.
  • Fourthly, activities will help to realize many downside views of the life and then have more sympathy for other people.
  • Last but not least, joining the group will help us improve teamwork skills. It is really good to show and teach my daughter how to co-operate with other people in a project.

After giving all of the meals in the hospital, we went back the place where we had cooked in the morning and had a meal together. The meal contains foods that cooked together with the foods we gave patients in the hospital. It was a really cozy time in which all members talked and shared many things about the charity and spirit open-mindedly.

For the mentioned reasons, I see this is a really good community that we should join and follow. Charity and share is a work that we have to do.


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