Straighten my legs

Everyone loves to have a pair of legs which are long and straight, including women and man. They help their body shapes become tall and beautiful. Many people, however, unluckily have short and curvy legs. Many others, even worse, that have small and even unmovable legs. Naturally, I was born with a curvy pair of legs which shape likes a letter O, as my parents’ words.

When I was born, my legs shape were not straight as other people’s legs. Although my father and brother have long and straight legs, I have a curvy legs. The two legs bent together to form a letter O shape. Naturally, the leg shape does not affect to my health and not make difficulty for my movement. My appearance, however, was abnormal and ugly. The older I was, the leg shape became more curve and caused more to my parents’ worry. Then when I was 2 years old, my mom asked my dad to take me to a hospital to check how they can help me. The doctors there decided to straighten my legs by a method that was quite painful. My legs’ bones have to be broken, as my mother said. Moreover, my legs had to in plaster cast in some months. My parents agreed for the doctors use the method since the older I am the more difficult to straighten my legs as the older the harder the bones will be.

After about two or three months, my legs were freed from plasters. From there I have a pair of legs as other people. Although they are shorter than my dad’s and brother’s and a little bit thin, they are in good condition for my appearance and activities. They helped me to become an active and restless boy later. Thanks to my parents with their right decision that later on I have been able to do comfortably many activities with my legs such as run, climb, jump, kick and more.

The first nearly death

Every child, normally has to experience some situations which are dangerous for their lives in their growing progress. The earlier of generations, the more dangerous situations children experience for. This is the consequence of poor in economy, healthcare, medication, and parental cognition, all of which are better day after day. By those kind of situations, some died and many others luckily overcame. I am not an exception, and the first fatal situation in my life also be the first living memory after being born. The time when I was a newborn.

It was in 1979 when the national economy was very bad and the country relied much on help from other countries. Almost of labour families living in cities like us did not have enough food, especially rice to eat. Meals were often very simple which contained only vegetable and another main food which normally mixed of rice and other cheaper foods such as potatoes, corns, jicamas, beans, and some other same kinds of food. Beside of national food, there were some kinds of food which given by other countries. That time as some people said, there were families which still had to ate “bo bo” seeds, which given by other countries and had been more popular in labor class families’ meals in some years before. These seeds were the most terrible food, as people’s words, which sometimes could not be digested and still were the same after shitting out. Among the aided foods, wheat emerged in the top with the biggest amount. Although aided food helped many Vietnamese especially working class people to release from hunger, they also sometimes caused troubles for them. They were not only unfamiliar with those food, but also the quality of them were not good when handing to them. People said that, many kinds of food that day had been moist, mouldy, and discoloured when handing to them. Citizens could not know those condition had being when handing from the foreigners or caused by bad storage before distributing to the citizens.

That was in some months after being born, when I just be able to eat soup made by powder and of course still have breastfeeding. The same with all other working families, we had to eat low quality wheat for meals. As my mom said, this caused bad quality of her own milk and also my extra food, all of which I ate for everyday meals. Unfortunately, this situation triggered a fatal disease – diarrhea to me. After some days suffering from diarrhea, it turned to more severe disease – dysentery. By the worse situation, my parent sent me to Dong Da hospital – more than 3 kilometers from our house – for treatment. My mom told that since the bad case I was in, at first I was sent to the special treatment department for special care. One night, when I was staying in there and my mom was staying in other place, my mom felt quite nervous and not comfortable inside, so she went to my room to see me. When coming into the room, there were nobody inside including doctors and nurses. Coming to me, when I was getting water to the vein, she noticed my body was very cold. Terribly, she ran out to find doctors and nurses to inform them about that. When the doctors and nurses came, they stopped injecting water into my body and carried out some other special treatments to help me recover. As my mom said, that time they had gone out for eating, and they had not thought any trouble will happen. If my mom did not come to see me, I did not have opportunities to live more since the rapid decrease of my body temperature.

This is the first nearly-death experience in my life that sometimes my mom talks about. After this experience, I grew up well as a healthy and active boy, and got more experiences including negative and positive.

Memory of the first days in my life

I was born in one of the latest days in the year 1978. My first cry was spent in the maternity ward of one of the only four districts of Hanoi that day – Dong Da district.

The same with everyone, I cannot know anythings about the day by myself. However, I know some pieces of information relating to my early childhood through my mom’s memory that she recited when talking together with family members or relatives.

As her memory, on the afternoon of the day of having birth signal, my father took us to the Dong Da maternity ward by bike, the same with all of the labour class couples that day. The distance from our house – on the bank of To Lich river – to there – at the begin of Kham Thien street – is about 5 kilometres. Since I am the second child in our family and my elder brother was just one and a half year old that day, after taking us there, my father left my mom stayed there alone to went back home to looked after my brother. I still stayed inside my mother’s womb till just more than 5 a.m. next day.

My parents were not born and raised in Hanoi. My father’s hometown is in Thai Binh where paddle fields placed end to end endlessly. My mom’s hometown is near Huong pagoda in My Duc district of Ha Tay province, where limestone mountain chains placed along the roads and sparsely over the province. The same with many youngsters that day leaving hometowns to settle and get job in some provinces developing industrial factories, they went to Hanoi and joined a construction firm belonging to the industrial ministry. As all of other companies, that state firm not only provided them a stable job – they became state workers when joining the firm – but also shelter in its tenement. Working here, they met each other and got marriage. Their wedding was organized by the company’s labor union. After the wedding, the company gave them a cottage near the firm’s gate and on the To Lich river bank where my brother and I spent our earliest years living here.

That day, transportation was by far more difficult than now. My paternal Grandad had to commute by bike from Thai Binh through Nam Ha to Ha Tay, and to Hanoi for our parents’ wedding procedure. After the wedding, it was very rare to have relatives visiting and helping them due to the distances between places and even bicycles were very luxurious that very few of rural families could afford to have one. Therefore, the time of my birth also was the time my brother was sent to Thai Binh to live with our paternal Grandparents and some uncles and aunts. He lived separately with parents there for one years.

I do not have much of memory about the cottage I lived in the very first years of life. However, one picture of the yard of the house has stayed and appeared in my mind whenever thinking of the house. It was a plain soil yard with rough surface. The entrance was a short and gentle slope on the right side of the house since the land is a bit higher than the road. In the upper right corner of the yard, there was a big bombax flower tree (rice flower as we called) which blossoms big scarlet flowers in springs. In this season, the big scarlet flowers fell down and laid sparsely on the yard made it was as beautiful as a flower patterned garment. The picture of the house which stays in my mind is that is in a late afternoon, my father was sitting and repairing or making something in the yard and we were playing around.

Doing charity work – A meaningful activity


The last Sunday, our family joined a charity program which giving free meals to poor cancer patients in the K hospital. The event was set up by a group of people who want to contribute to making the community become better.

Not the same with many groups often gather for picnics or eating, this group members contribute money and gather periodically to make meals and then dispense to poor patients in hospitals. Most of them joined with all their family members, even I see one mother of a member joins the group too.

Knowing this group, we think this is a good community we should join. Joining the group may give us some benefits declared below.

  • Firstly, now our financial status is better than before, our income has been enough for a basic life and a little for saving. It should be the time for us to start sharing our income to our parents and the society. Fortunately that our parents can still earn money, so we don’t need to support them much. Therefore, we should share a portion of the income to the poor.
  • Secondly, we should have more family activities outside which will help us go out of the house and reinforce family sentiment by spending time to do things together.
  • Thirdly, it is really good for us and especially our daughter to interact and widen relationship with new people including friends in same ages.
  • Fourthly, activities will help to realize many downside views of the life and then have more sympathy for other people.
  • Last but not least, joining the group will help us improve teamwork skills. It is really good to show and teach my daughter how to co-operate with other people in a project.

After giving all of the meals in the hospital, we went back the place where we had cooked in the morning and had a meal together. The meal contains foods that cooked together with the foods we gave patients in the hospital. It was a really cozy time in which all members talked and shared many things about the charity and spirit open-mindedly.

For the mentioned reasons, I see this is a really good community that we should join and follow. Charity and share is a work that we have to do.


Mediocrity vs Professional


One day, I had such a terrible play of table tennis that some members showed their unwillingness of playing with me and even some of them criticized my bad playing style and practice.

Although I was unhappy about my downward tendency and the club members’ behavior, I think I should accept the poor performance since being a professional in Pingpong is not my choice at present. It is ordinary that people never become excellent players without playing and practicing regularly, especially without obsession about it. Another thought comes to my mind that I shouldn’t be a mediocrity forever, I need to be an expert in at least one field.

To contemplate to my life, currently, English not Ping pong, is what I need to master in. It awards various meaningful factors to my life and my family. English is the subject that we teach to get income every day, our love and passion for studying and working, a valuable tool of broadening knowledge and skills, that I just name a few. Therefore, certainly, English is the field that I need to be a guru.

Linking back to the comments of the table tennis club’s members, that to play well, I have to be obsessive about it. Moreover, eager for learning also a characteristic needed for skill’s improvement. They told that I need to learn from other people’s performances and also have to research everything about it on the Internet. Not only play in the club, playing alone at home in front mirrors also required.  Thinking of them, I see those are all the things required for mastering any skill, not only Ping pong. Therefore, to become an English professional, I must devote all of my effort and time on studying English, dismiss everything not involves in it.

From now on, I will spend all of my time on working and studying English to approach my target – become an expert in English. I never accept to be a mediocrity forever. I think the first step is that I need to get 8.5 scores in Ielts, that I must concentrate on studying to get it in one and a half year more.

Even though there are many hurdles on the way to success, I will always remind me a motivational sentence:

"There is a will, there is a way"

“We May Encounter Many Defeats But We Must Not Be Defeated.”- Maya Angelou

The main roots of recidivism


This post is a practice of Ielts essay writing which I really like and think it is a very meaningful piece of writing since its practical aspect. Therefore, I think I should public it in my blog, that I hope it will benefit someone.


Many criminals reoffend after they have been punished.
Why do some people continue to commit crime after they have been punished, and what measures can be taken to tackle this problems?


Everyone desires to have a peaceful life with their family, however, many former inmates recidivate and relapse into the boring life requiring to struggle every moment to alive in prison. In this essay, I will identify reasons of reoffence and propose solutions for those.

First of all, the most prevalent difficulty for ex-prisoners reintegrate back into society is their jobs which are the most necessary living mean. Lacking social demanding jobs due to long imprisonment leads to ex-offenders’ unemployment which forces them to commit crimes again to get money for surviving. Secondly, a willingness of overcoming difficulties keeps a key role to determine if ex-prisoners re-break the law or not. After a period of staying behind the bars and with such the rapid change of our society, former inmates face many difficulties in their new lives such as finding jobs, how to make new good friends, and so on. Everything may easy and normal for us but not for them, which causes relapsing into criminal behavior of the ones who lack strong determination.

However, there are some solutions helping fresh releasing from the jail people integrate back into society, and as my supposition, the government keeps the key role of executing those. Firstly, instead of forcing prisoners to work hard to make money such as making bricks or exploiting stone, the government should train them skillful and their hometowns’ needed jobs such as construction, motorbike or car repair, haircut, and so on. Those are helpful for them to get a mean of living in our society. Secondly, not only working, in prisons, the government should run programs which encourage learning and improving human nature for prisoners. The programs may be setting up libraries, play performance, working and sporting competition. Those activities will help them widen knowledge, improve skills, love the life, and enforce their willingness to overcome difficulties which is the most important and essential merit when released.

In conclusion, don’t have practical jobs and fear of facing difficulties are the main problems that cause reoffence for inmates. Therefore, job training and difficulty struggling skill improvement programs are good solutions that need to apply for whom bearing detained punishments.

The birthday in 2016


How time flies! 38 springs passed rapidly, the face appears considerable wrinkles, the appearance has such ravages making difficulty in recognition, that many people said I must be in the forties.

There is one of my happiness in the past year, that I met many classmates studied in secondary school who I had not seen for the last 23 years. Moreover, there are some other friends and brothers who I used to have very close relationships and had not seen them until this year. This is such the year of reunions.

Beside of reunion pleasure, there are some great losses in the last year. Some beloved relatives will never be seen again due to the time rule. This is the year that I was most clearly aware of the rule and value of time. I recognize that lives run very quickly, so people never live urgently but should be “hurry up” as the respectful poet Xuân Diệu’s opinion – enjoy every single second of the life.

Last year, I approached knowledge of relinquishment, what are dispassionateness and contentment. I met someone that I had thought they only exist in Budha books that spending all their lives to do precious work freely for others, not the same many people just give for marketing and reputation enhancement purposes. I realized that I am dishonorable comparing with them, always calculating and scrambling for the better life.

Following with the struggle for better material life, I also experienced difficulties in doing extra work, in efforts of striving for money regardless of health and myself. I learned that the foremost matter which I need to care for is my health, not money.  The most important and invaluable things which I have are my life, my loved ones, the happiness of my family.

Lives are experiences, in the next year and also my future, I will try and experience more. However, not as same as before, all of them will be heading for personal improvement and sustainability of my family, balance life and contribution to the society.

The new year and spring are coming soon, accompany with this post is my thank to the people who have cared and supported me. Wish all of you have a year of good health, happiness, and prosperity!