Can university degrees assure getting jobs after graduation 


This year, two my cousins asked me for advice for retaking university entrance exam. One is going to graduate from college and one just finishes the first year. They suppose that they had mischosen subject which they are studying, and now want to redo the university learning process. They desire to get a university certificate to approach their desired career.

Linking their situations with experience of myself and others who I know, and also my knowledge, I support them to follow their passion. However, I also analyzed their prospects for restudying in universities, which force them to pay more thought and consideration for final decisions.


I just asked them some questions:

– Are you sure will get a job in the field after finishing the bachelor qualification of the subject?

– Do you think studying in universities is the unique way to get a job in the field?

– Is there anyone or do you have money that help you in recruitment in the future?

– Have you seen anyone who gets their good job without experiencing university courses?


And then they answered NO for all the questions except the fourth.


After that, I add more to my opinion that made them turn to confusion and thoughtful. That is:
I really support them to follow their passion, but they have to keep responsibility for their action by affording for it by themselves. It means they need to work to earn money or borrow it by themselves to afford tuition fee if they want to study again. Their family should not have to bear the burdens of their study more after caring their first choice.

That is what I talked to them for consultation for the matter. Since that they’ve never talked to me about this matter again. 

I think, they changed their intentions since visualizing how hard of earning money by themselves for studying and studying in universities in the same time is.


Not only these two cousins, one cousin of my wife changed his university course when he studying the third year in a university. He thought it will be hard for him to find a job after graduation from the first university. Now he is in the 5th year of the second course but regretting his changing decision. The reasons:

– It is still very hard for him to find a job after graduation from the second course. He supposes it may harder than previous subject.

– His friends graduated and had jobs to earn money already, but he still lives boringly in student life.


Another case is, one guy who is a closed-friend of my roommate in Saigon also shared the same thought when he was seeing his friends went to work while he was studying in the university. And now, as I know, he is still in unemployment after some years of graduation from the second course.


In the light of the mention above, I recognize some common reasons that make young people think of changing subjects in universities.

– Desire to get a job which requires professional training such as doctor, or getting positions in state owned organizations such as schools or some of the same.

– Desire of self-demonstration that they can do as well as other people who study in good universities which required high entrance exam scores.

– Lack of social knowledge so that they cannot find other ways to get a job except getting the bachelor degree.

– Fright of working. After experiencing internship periods and knowing hard scenarios of their major working lives, students may fear of work foreseeing difficulties that employees in probation periods have to face. Consequently, changing subject may help them avoid those difficulties by prolonging study period more. It is a good solution.

– A good excuse to avoid people recognize their weakness. Many students are very lazy, they spend much of time for playing or doing nothing. Their study just for passing exams. However, the life is not as easy as their supposition that bachelor cert can ensure for jobs. In fact, to get a job, students need to learn and practice many things besides of their subjects to compete one another in recruitment competition such as English, teamwork skill, and more of the same. Therefore, it is almost no hope for lazy students to get a good job after graduation without helping from authorities or money. As a consequence of seeing their grey scenarios, re-studying is a good excuse for them to hide weaknesses.


My point of view.

Nowadays, people do not have to possess professional certificates to get the desired jobs, except:

– Some really important and serious jobs for the society which require strict training such as doctor, lawyer.

– Jobs in state owned organizations.


Besides of mentions above, people can get other jobs without studying in universities by

– Taking training courses from experts or experienced people

– Self – studying and practicing


Although it is quite hard for people who do not have university certs in recruitment, many people, as I know, never care about certs if the candidates possess skillful abilities for the vacancies and always make effort to improve themselves. I am an example for this who worked a skilled job since the time I was studying in the university.



It is different from our parents’ era, recruitment and working have changed.

– Only state owned organizations or some important and serious jobs for the social as mentioned above are really require bachelor certificates. 

– Employers need skillful employees not the ones possess good profile.

– Self-study is a skill and ability that is really necessary for young generation now.

– Self-study is a skill and ability that is really necessary for the young generation now.

– People must not stop study at any time. Working environment also is a competition, ones will loose their jobs or higher position people’s reliance once other better ones appear.


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