Yin Yang balance diet – macrobiotics diet


According to the concept of ancient Eastern people, especially Lão religion (Lao Tzu) and Buddhism (Buddha Siddartha Gautama), all things in the universe are made and operated by the two electric magnetic currents which are Yin and Yang. (according to Zen meditation book of Nguyễn Nhân in www.thientong.com)

– Yin indicates: black, dark, cold, feminine, stagnant, gravitational, downward….

– Yang indicates: red, bright, hot, masculine, positive, repulsion, upward…


In accordance with the mentioned concept, people or any other things in the universe required to maintain balance of the two electric magnetic currents – Yin and Yang to be existent. Everything will be self-destroy whenever loosing the balance. If we want to have a good health, it is essential to keep the balance of the two Yin – Yang currents in our body. Yin – Yang magnetic electricity in the body affected by two principle factors that are what we get into the body daily and living environment such as seasons or regions.


Application of the Yin Yang balanced diet – macrobiotic has evolvedly noticed around the world since the late half of the century 20th. This was the time that a Japanese  Geoge Ohsawa successfully applied the diet to survived with a body with full of fatal diseases. Then he shared the method to the world which then have applied popularly.


He pointed out some diets, however, generally they are:

– Whole grains (40% – 60%), vegetables and fruits (20% – 25%), seaweed  and beans (5% – 10%).

These portions should be adjusted conforming to seasons and regions. More precisely, more Yang for winter or cold places and more Yin for summer or hot areas.

– Only eat products which produced in the region you live.

– Eat only foods which produced in the right seasons.

– Yin foods are the ones have: white or whitish color, swollen, and some more. In general, they will make the shit become watery if eat much..

– Yang food are: red or reddish color, thin, grow deeply in the ground, and some more other characteristics. In general, they will make the shit become solid if eat much.


Among the Ohsawa’s diets, the most helpful and popular one is the number 7 which treated as a great therapy of any fatal disease treatment. In which, the daily intake basically based on grains :

– Rice (red rice is preferred)

– Buckwheat or seasame

– Millet

– Oats

– Barley

As Ohsawa’s theory, water is Yin, so during the diet, except for cooking people should reduce the daily intake water. The amount of water should enough for peeing about 4 times per day.

About water, people should use basil teas instead of plain water or other Yang herbal teas such as green tea, black tea. In addition, the older of the tea trees will produce the better Yang tea. However, Yang tea is produced from the trees have at least 3 years old.

There is salt also play an important role in the diet. We should use sea or rock salt.


The diet number 7 often applied in 10 days period, in which 3 first days is the break stage. In the break stage, there must not be Yin excesses and should be Yang predominant.






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